Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's been a while... challenge three part 1

Hello Hello Hello!

Challenge here.

The mission: find London in New York... well... it's everywhere.

1. So So Glos

The So So Glos are a favorite Brooklyn-based band and good friends of mine. They've also got quite a London thing going on. Listen and judge for yourself!

The So So Glos – "Throw Your Hands Up" from Erik Carter on Vimeo.

(watch out for me in the video-- pre-blonde)

2. Urban Jungle Vintage

Urban Jungle is a gem hidden amongst the large warehouses of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is one of many vintage stores on Knickerbocker Ave, but by far the best. Everything is cheap as hell and the variety ranges from long floral dresses to neon construction pants. The clientele is just as diverse... at any given point, there are people from all walks of life in there.


It's really just the best. And afterwards-- dinner at Roberta's.

3. Loading Dock

Sort of a weird thing to write on, but the Loading Dock is a Mexican restaurant in downtown Brooklyn that is one of the cutest places I've ever been. It's run by a bunch of hipsters and doubles as an art gallery too. Bonus: They make their own tortillas.

It's also just incredibly chill.

And yes, their kitchen is a taco truck pulled up to the building!

5. The Hotel Chelsea

Haunted by ghosts of famous musicians, artists, and writers, The Hotel Chelsea has a vibe that is New York but London. It's dark with glimmers of art (once traded for renting a room). Patti Smith once floated from room to room and I mean, who doesn't love Patti Smith?
How about Bob Dylan? Janis Joplin? Leonard Cohen? Dylan Thomas? Sid Vicious? Robert Mapplethorpe?

Although the hotel doesn't take long-term stays, you can stay up to 24 days!

6. Silent Barn

House and music venue extraordinaire, the Silent Barn sort of pushes the boundaries of Brooklyn. (Technically in Queens)... but whatever. Joe Ahearn cranks out great DIY shows and the legendary Showpaper here!