Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am obsessed

I am obsessed with Yo-Landi Vi$$er of the rap-rave-zef trio, Die Antwoord from South Africa who's album, $O$, I have been one hundred percent jamming to all day everyday and even reviewed for my school newspaper, THE PRISM. Yes, I work for my school newspaper. Yes, it is fun. No, it doesn't suck.

Anyway, back to Yo-Landi- it is a rare occasion in this day and age that I am so excited about a chanting girl with a cute accent who sassily reveals her chest in the video "Evil Boy," only to show that she actually has blinking eyes for nipples.
Actually, perhaps this is why I love her so. Or maybe it's the fact that she wears a floor length coat covered in stuffed mice (or are they fake? In one shot she's got a real mouse nuzzling her neck... true story). Or maybe it's that she sometimes wears a giant one-sie with giant rabbit ears and haunting South African graffiti graphics all over it. Or maybe it's her BIZARRE haircut

Maybe it's all of the above.... yeah, I think I'll go with all of the above.

Whatever it is, I'm hooked and obsessed. Obsessed enough to cut my hair like hers? Yeah. So tomorrow, I will be going from this:


more to come.......

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey guys!

I just wanted to remind everyone to vote for me as Rimmel Royalty - if I win I get free make up for life! Free make up means even better blog posts about make up!

I'm in the lead now but need to keep the lead up! You can vote once per day so please support.

Barefaced Challenge

Trend Predictions

London in My Hometown Challenge

How To Demo Video

25 Hour Foundation Video

Lash Accelerator Challenge

Friday, November 5, 2010



So last night I received my final Rimmel Challenge... ever.
The premise is as follows: The public is going to vote on who has been the best Rimmel 10 Girl and whoever wins will be crowned Rimmel Royalty, which means that I will receive free Rimmel products for LIFE. Needless to say, I'd like to win so very much and I actually think that I have been one of the best Rimmel 10. I've worked incredibly hard on all of my challenges.

So my job now is to campaign. I will be making a campaign ad (I approve this message and all) and also posting regularly to my twitter, facebook, and here about things I've been doing. I will be creating the PERFECT London Look and seriously, don't sweat it, I will have the best one. That'll be going up in the next two days. In essence, this weekend is all about campaigning.


(I'm losing- HURRY)

Friday, October 15, 2010


Chantel Simpson is a freshman at Yale and a graduate of Packer Collegiate Institute and a dear friend of mine. Not only is she incredibly smart (I mean she goes to Yale for crying out loud), but she's beautiful, quiet, and full of thought. She's also a wonderful photographer with an eye for beauty and shadows. Actually, I would say that her photos are haunting in their lighting, but beautiful in their images. She takes the ordinary (my spine for instance) and turns it into something beyond human.

She runs a blog which you can see here.

More than anything, I am so proud to have been a part of most of Chantel's photography throughout the entire time I shared a school with her. We always had fun and I was alway so flattered to be a part. At her senior show, a teacher said to me, "You have been immortalized." And indeed I have. I hope she doesn't forget about me. In fact, she just photographed James Franco for the Yale newspaper. I have to say I'm not only jealous she met him, but jealous that he gets to be the subject of her art.

So here I am: immortalized.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

30 days comes to an end, but my lashes don't

And so, my thirty day trial period of Rimmel's Lash Accelerator has come to an end.

My eyelashes, on the other hand, just keep going and going (THEY'LL NEVER END)

See for yourself



And here's the product that did it all.

You can read more about my experience with lash accelerator here

Thanks so much for reading.

Your Brooklyn Rimmel 10 Girl, Sophia aka so.lo.war.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woodstock Film Festival? Say What?

Hello readers (are you out there? comment and send me some love!)

I just wanted to write about some super exciting news.

The short film that I posted a while back, titled On the Terrace of a Thousand Yellow Suns, written by yours truly and directed by the very talented, Luca Balser, was chosen as an official selection at the Woodstock Film Festival this year! See?

It is all very exciting! And it's meeeeeeeeee. How thrilling?

Please let me know what you think of the film! The story is also posted here.

The film was made for a great teen film program in New York, called Reel Works. They do screenings sometimes and are just a great educational program that turn out great films. Check 'em out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bluma Project

What to do? Well, sorry to post to QUICKLY again (there's a first time for everything, folks).

What do you do when a friend shows up to school and she tells you that she has several necklaces in her bag. Each one is made by her mother's company, Bluma Project. AND SHE OFFERS YOU ONE FOR FREE- YOUR CHOICE.

What are you supposed to do?

Blog about it?


Anyway, Bluma Project is a line of jewelry and textiles, started by designer, Beth Schaeffer. Each piece is made in women's cooperatives in either Ghana or Rwanda and uses local materials as well as local patterns and designs. This is why their slogan is "by women for women, from around the globe."

Who doesn't want their jewelry to be something special and unique? Who doesn't want a piece of jewelry that "helps women build a sustainable income"?

Well, I do. I want it all!

My necklace was made in Rwanda and is made of paper beads.
I love the colors and feel of the whole piece.

The line is being sold at Anthropologie as well as ABC Home... check it out.

juergen teller

I love Juergen Teller.
(The wonderful photographer who shoots Marc Jacobs' wonderful ads)

Sometimes things are so real that they become surreal.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

unorganized scatter brain (who happens to be obsessed with a mascara)

Okay- the secret is out- I've gone MIA because I'm massively obsessed with a mascara that Rimmel sent me - Lash Accelerator. That's right- it actually makes your lashes grow! So move over Latisse, a reasonably priced product is on the market (I think it's around $24 which is nothing compared to the almost $100 bucks that Latisse costs)!

This mascara actually works (RIDICULOUS). It's super dark and my lashes are on the move (going through a total growth spurt) Granted- it's only been 22 days... but the product only needs 30 days to insanely change your lashes! That's right.... it's absurd.

Another awesome thing- the face of the product - Zooey Deschanel who is pretty much just the cutest darn lady in the whole world... not to mention- awesome sense of style. Check out the ad here:

Well, an ad only says so much, right?

So shall we examine some real evidence?



Yeah, that's right, ladies and gents, IT WORKS. Are you stunned? Are you sitting with your mouth wide open? Slack-jawed much?

That's what I thought-- TOTAL DISBELIEF (don't worry... you're not alone)

Anyway- our challenge was to wear the mascara for a month. I'm on week three... and I'll be posting a super, creative, funky, fun, exciting, wild, out-there, CUHRAZAY review of the product by October 9th (Probably up maybe October 7th).

Who knows what it's going to be? Video? Creative writing? Song? Review? Magazine ad? Mood board?

Well who knows? NOT YOU! (I barely know myself), but do check back to see!

[I also have tons of photos from fashion week to put up, but applying to college has got me SWAMPED with work... and I'm lazy. More on that later]

P.S. Take our facebook quiz: Which Rimmel 10 Girl Are You? (If you're me- I'll give you a special shout out on here and maybe even a little gift....!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

been a long time...

I know I haven't been around in ages, but I am making a resolution to post at least 3X a week.

A few things to update on. I'm getting ready to go back to school so everything is super hectic!

Firstly- when in London- do like the Londoners do! I was on a street style TV special in Notting Hill, a hip area of London where the famous Portabello market is....

I'm the girl with the animal head rings (or maybe you recognize me by my AMERICAN accent)

Next thing: the wrap up for Rimmel Challenge #5 is up on the Rimmel site --> check it out HERE

And-- we are starting our new challenge -- testing a super new exciting product (mascara that actually lengthens lashes!)

More on that later!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lost in the Summer

Hello Hello Hello!

I have been drowning in the ecstasy that is summer! But I'm back and will be blogging from London in 5 days where I will be for two weeks!

Anyway, new Rimmel challenge below - how-to on how to create a look (mine is called Colder Than Fargo)

Also- check out the "Which Rimmel 10 Girl Are You?" app on Facebook - hilarious!

London people: tell me places to go, things to see, things to buy, where to eat, etc. I've got two weeks to roam and have a ball.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Writing to you live from school!

Good morning--

Well the big day has arrived. The entire school is in jitters. We're all dressed up, prancing about, preparing ourselves for.... Music is blaring, cupcakes being iced, children screaming and why?

Well, that's right.. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. [17 Y.O./YO!]


[And yes, I lied. No children are screaming... thank goodness]

Actually, none of what I said is going on. In fact, I'm sitting in the student center totally isolated listening to Reckless by Crystal Castles and wondering about gifts because that's the whole damn point, isn't it? (or as Ruby Pseudo, my lovely friend would say "innit")

Actually though, you should check out her blog. It's really rather fabulous.

So what now?

These are things I like.... and things I'd like as gifts.... so if you'd like to send me something... just kidding... that's my parents' jobs and friends and other random acquaintances who will probably buy me things that I dislike.... like a set of Playmobile people or a Barbie bicycle (might like those though.... UH OH).


It's really upsetting. I don't want nuttin'. Like actually, that's nothing that I'm like OHMYDEARLORDINEEDTOOWNTHATRIGHTTHISGODDAMMMINUTEORIMAYDIE.

And so, I leave you with a photo of Lucy Moran, wonderful secretary of the Twin Peak's Sheriff's Office... because all I DO want for my birthday is her wonderful coral lipstick.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's been a while... challenge three part 1

Hello Hello Hello!

Challenge here.

The mission: find London in New York... well... it's everywhere.

1. So So Glos

The So So Glos are a favorite Brooklyn-based band and good friends of mine. They've also got quite a London thing going on. Listen and judge for yourself!

The So So Glos – "Throw Your Hands Up" from Erik Carter on Vimeo.

(watch out for me in the video-- pre-blonde)

2. Urban Jungle Vintage

Urban Jungle is a gem hidden amongst the large warehouses of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is one of many vintage stores on Knickerbocker Ave, but by far the best. Everything is cheap as hell and the variety ranges from long floral dresses to neon construction pants. The clientele is just as diverse... at any given point, there are people from all walks of life in there.


It's really just the best. And afterwards-- dinner at Roberta's.

3. Loading Dock

Sort of a weird thing to write on, but the Loading Dock is a Mexican restaurant in downtown Brooklyn that is one of the cutest places I've ever been. It's run by a bunch of hipsters and doubles as an art gallery too. Bonus: They make their own tortillas.

It's also just incredibly chill.

And yes, their kitchen is a taco truck pulled up to the building!

5. The Hotel Chelsea

Haunted by ghosts of famous musicians, artists, and writers, The Hotel Chelsea has a vibe that is New York but London. It's dark with glimmers of art (once traded for renting a room). Patti Smith once floated from room to room and I mean, who doesn't love Patti Smith?
How about Bob Dylan? Janis Joplin? Leonard Cohen? Dylan Thomas? Sid Vicious? Robert Mapplethorpe?

Although the hotel doesn't take long-term stays, you can stay up to 24 days!

6. Silent Barn

House and music venue extraordinaire, the Silent Barn sort of pushes the boundaries of Brooklyn. (Technically in Queens)... but whatever. Joe Ahearn cranks out great DIY shows and the legendary Showpaper here!