Friday, October 15, 2010


Chantel Simpson is a freshman at Yale and a graduate of Packer Collegiate Institute and a dear friend of mine. Not only is she incredibly smart (I mean she goes to Yale for crying out loud), but she's beautiful, quiet, and full of thought. She's also a wonderful photographer with an eye for beauty and shadows. Actually, I would say that her photos are haunting in their lighting, but beautiful in their images. She takes the ordinary (my spine for instance) and turns it into something beyond human.

She runs a blog which you can see here.

More than anything, I am so proud to have been a part of most of Chantel's photography throughout the entire time I shared a school with her. We always had fun and I was alway so flattered to be a part. At her senior show, a teacher said to me, "You have been immortalized." And indeed I have. I hope she doesn't forget about me. In fact, she just photographed James Franco for the Yale newspaper. I have to say I'm not only jealous she met him, but jealous that he gets to be the subject of her art.

So here I am: immortalized.

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