Wednesday, September 22, 2010

unorganized scatter brain (who happens to be obsessed with a mascara)

Okay- the secret is out- I've gone MIA because I'm massively obsessed with a mascara that Rimmel sent me - Lash Accelerator. That's right- it actually makes your lashes grow! So move over Latisse, a reasonably priced product is on the market (I think it's around $24 which is nothing compared to the almost $100 bucks that Latisse costs)!

This mascara actually works (RIDICULOUS). It's super dark and my lashes are on the move (going through a total growth spurt) Granted- it's only been 22 days... but the product only needs 30 days to insanely change your lashes! That's right.... it's absurd.

Another awesome thing- the face of the product - Zooey Deschanel who is pretty much just the cutest darn lady in the whole world... not to mention- awesome sense of style. Check out the ad here:

Well, an ad only says so much, right?

So shall we examine some real evidence?



Yeah, that's right, ladies and gents, IT WORKS. Are you stunned? Are you sitting with your mouth wide open? Slack-jawed much?

That's what I thought-- TOTAL DISBELIEF (don't worry... you're not alone)

Anyway- our challenge was to wear the mascara for a month. I'm on week three... and I'll be posting a super, creative, funky, fun, exciting, wild, out-there, CUHRAZAY review of the product by October 9th (Probably up maybe October 7th).

Who knows what it's going to be? Video? Creative writing? Song? Review? Magazine ad? Mood board?

Well who knows? NOT YOU! (I barely know myself), but do check back to see!

[I also have tons of photos from fashion week to put up, but applying to college has got me SWAMPED with work... and I'm lazy. More on that later]

P.S. Take our facebook quiz: Which Rimmel 10 Girl Are You? (If you're me- I'll give you a special shout out on here and maybe even a little gift....!)

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