Saturday, January 16, 2010

and so we begin....

So I've been studying for midterms and while mindlessly copying out three-hundred-fifty flash cards, I've discovered two things about myself.
1. I do not write very quickly.
2. I get very sidetracked at a computer.

And on this adventure of studying, I have listened to the Andrews Sisters (three women who sang to soldiers in WWII) and done some thinking about fashion while browsing around online.

The first thing that occurred was that while I rarely wear all black, I'm very attracted to outfits that are all black and so that's what I've got on right now. The second was that I would really like a copy of the Facehunter book because what could be better (in my opinion anyway?)

On a totally different note, I've started this project called the Rimmel 10 Girls, which is all about bringing the Rimmel London look stateside. There are ten girls working on it and pretty much completing Rimmel Challenges, etc.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my first challenge: I'm going barefaced. That's right. No make-up for two days and I'll be recording it and keeping everyone up to date... and then afterwards, when I get a bunch of new make up, I'll go wild and try out tons of new stuff (which I'll definitely let you know about!)

So stay posted for some insanity (and perhaps some frightening content...)

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