Sunday, January 24, 2010

... and the trying on of faces begins.

Hello all--

I received on Thursday night my wonderful shipping envelope of Rimmel make up and an excellent tea cup necklace. So far, I'm loving the Sexy Curves mascara, the Crystal Mauve lipstick (which leaves your slips insanely smooth unlike most lipsticks), the Soft Kohl eye pencil, the Autumn Catwalk blush, and the 001 primer (which smells like lovely roses). I like a light make up with a little sparkle so I used my own sparkly eye shadow as well.

Here's what I've been up to with the make up

The black and white t-shirt features my friend's art. Her name is Solgil Oh. Another friend, Chantel, printed them so keep your eyes and ears open for more news of her up and coming company, Window, which will print young and unknown artists' work on t-shirts. She will be starting a website soon and I will of course let you know when that goes up.

I also took some pictures of my friend, Chantel, who looked absolutely great in a Forever 21 (gasp!) dress. All over the black lace thing right now!

Anyway, here's Chantel going wild for the camera!

This weekend I sat in on a focus group for Ruby Pseudo Consulting which was super great. They were the people who got me the Rimmel 10 deal and they've been nothing but wonderful. Ruby is also a genius... I think it's amazing that there are people like her who have focused their careers on meeting kids and talking to them. I really admire that. Check out her blog here at Ruby Wants a Word

Additionally, a friend, Kayli started a new project of painting in my boyfriend's room.

Look for my next post about the evolution of the London Look and what I've got to say about it.

Sweet dreams!

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